At SouthHaven, Inc., we feel that Activities are a very important part of our Residents lives. Having various activities on a regular basis can help keep the mind sharp and reduce depression. Even having meals in a common dining room, visiting with others, shows positive effects on nutrition. Another spirit booster is a trip to SouthHaven, Inc.’s on site Beauty Salon. All kinds of Salon services are available to Residents. These services are reasonably priced and available on a weekly basis. We offer a variety of activities for all skill levels. We welcome all denominational Pastors to meet the spiritual needs of each resident. BINGO is a crowd drawer, with snacks and prizes. Musical programs are enjoyed by all. Holidays throughout the year provide a great opportunity for churches, schools and daycares to visit and perform for our residents. Other seasonal activities include a spring Tea and a fall Festival. On a daily basis SouthHaven, Inc., encourages their Residents to move about, come to the diningroom for a glass of tea or cup of coffee, or visit with others in the living room or TV room.