SOUTHHAVEN is a family run, locally owned assisted living community. In March of 2018, it will be 20 years that SOUTHHAVEN has been taking care of Lubbock and the South Plains elder seniors. SOUTHHAVEN evolved from a rendering on a napkin at the Messick kitchen table.

Here is how it all began. In 1997, there were very limited options for seniors in need of assisted care. In fact, in the mid-90s, very few people–including health care practitioners and workers– were even vaguely aware of the concept of Assisted Living. Even Home Health and Hospice were fairly new on the horizon. In Lubbock, there were a few personal care homes, nursing homes and a less than a handful of retirement communities. During this time, Pam was the Assistant Director/Marketing Director at a large retirement community. When residents would experience a health changing event and have to move in order to get more care, they would often miss their active lives at the retirement community . They would call Pam to express their desire to return. At home, Pam would talk about how Violet had called and said how much she missed eating lunch with her friends in the dining room. Or Harrold had stopped by and sure wished he could play Dominoes with his buddies. This is all it took to get the wheels turning in David’s head. David is the dreamer in the family and before long he was drawing out the floor plan for a small facility for seniors who couldn’t live on their own, but did not need skilled nursing care on a daily basis. Why couldn’t we build a small community where frail seniors could get the assisted care they needed, but have their social needs met, too? A place small enough where all residents needs could be specifically tailored just to them. A place where, day or night, needs, wishes and wants could be provided. A place where safety and security abound. A place where residents are spoiled and loved every day. In March of 1998, the doors of SOUTHHAVEN opened.

That was Pam and David’s dream 20 years ago, and since then, hundreds of seniors have called SOUTHHAVEN home and benefited from the care that the SOUTHHAVEN family has provided.

SOUTHHAVEN, your hometown Assisted Living!